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CSR Is No Crisis Management

In times of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico it is important to realize that CSr does not equal crisis management. As this article states, CSR needs to be seen as follows:

„CSR policy is to identify environmental, social and governance risks and prevent disasters from happening in the first place.“

So this means in the case of BP they should now treat the problem in a way it will avoid further problems in the future. Transparency is a big and important word in this context. And if you think about the fact that BP used be in some major CSR rankings and called it a company that takes care of its environment, I found this video quite interesting. Especially if you keep in mind the earlier mentioned definition of CSR. Prevent disaster. Identify environmental, social and governance risks.
The oil spill in 1979 could have been a warning fort he oil drilling industry. Back than they tried the same technology to try to stop the oil spilling out. Nothing of what BP has tried so far worked back than. Why would it today?
And as this website shows and argues, BP is a great example fort he fact that CSR is no optional thing for companies. It is a must.

BP’s unresponsive response



Both Images by AP Photographer Charlie Riedel from Caught in the Oil

Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20, 2010 and killed 11 workers.
46 days or more than a month later, BP has yet to find an effective solution to salvage the situation.
As the surface oil spreads out, birds are the first to feel its weight.
You can also visit to see the extent of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.