Leading brands including Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson and Samsung Electronics have been added to a series of indices which track the sustainability of the world’s largest corporations.

“In terms of market capitalisation it might be that a company is too little as we invite the 2,500 biggest companies to be in the index. So if you are no longer in the 2,500 biggest companies you may be excluded,” said Vetri.

Sustainability is supposed to keep company performance and to play a significant part in the process. CSR strategy might not be the profitable segment in terms of short run, however in a long run, it definitely would be profitable for your company.


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  1. As mentioned in the previous blog post on CSR rankings, small companies may be left out of the index. This could be unfair to them as they are also doing their share to help society and the environment.

    In terms of sustainability of CSR, I believe that it is achievable if companies stay true to CSR and don’t think about current profits. I also agree with you that CSR will have long-term benefits, which includes creating a better corporate image in a person’s mind and this in turn may generate more customers and thus the company will make profits in the future.


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