How Corporate Social Responsibility is evolving

The background of CSR

The history of CSR is almost as long as that of companies. Concerns about the excesses

of large companies were commonly expressed back in the seventeenth century. The topics then were not the environment, but the treatment of workers. Today, the evolution of the importance of acting responsible is described on as follows:

Corporate Social Responsibility has been around as a concept for some time. It has been increasingly picking up momentum and allowing corporate bodies, hitherto focused only on making profits for shareholders and promoters to look beyond these horizons.

Many factors have changed CSR over time and one factor that may change it right now is the latest environmental disaster.

Will the BP oil spill change CSR?

While the BP oil spill may not change the definition of CSR, it may well change how critically activities concerning CSR are evaluated. There’s a critical assessment of how Corporate Social Responsibility activities are rated on, which states:

Remarkably, BP got very good marks from a corporate social responsibility standpoint, which suggests there are deep seated flaws in that methodology.

The future of CSR

While it seems that the definition of CSR is sufficient, the implementation is not. One possible future of the realization of socially responsible actions is envisioned here:

CSR can become a tool of corporations to be used tactically to defuse criticism and protect their image or it can become an effective tool in truly democratic societies to make corporations socially and environmentally responsible by creating a sustainable business ethos.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an evolving and exciting topic and it’ll be interesting to see how it will change over time.



One response to this post.

  1. Yes, I agree that it will definitely be interesting to see the evolution of CSR which is dependent on the current important issues. Now, the current issue is about the environment as with the many accidents and natural disasters occurring, there is a need to protect the environment. But we should also not forget about the treatment of workers as companies should not exploit children or poor people and give them low wages. Who knows what the next new issue will be?


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