CSR and Ads


“Marks & Spencer, the iconic British retailer, has recently spent a fortune on full-page newspaper ads proclaiming its responsible approach to everything from the salt in its prawn sandwiches to the dyes in its knickers. ”
Roger Cowe  -Ethical cooperation-

How this is actually conventional advertising. It is reinforcing the brand values of safety, brand, faith. This is just for a part of the strategies of  “selling more stuff”.What would be the best advertisement is that urged people to buy less. This is all the time dilemma for companies. CSR could be good advertisement for raising up the good image of the company, we have to look at the what is behind the stories.


One response to this post.

  1. I feel that Marks & Spencer is indeed a company which practices CSR and tries to sustain it. For example, consumers need to pay for plastic bags, unlike other British stores such as Tesco and Sainsbury where plastic bags are given away like they are worth nothing. Also, they have done their part for the environment by having Bio products. Well, the ad could give the company a better image, but I feel that it also encourages other companies to follow suit.


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