BP’s Responsibility

When you type in „BP Responsibility“ and search it, surprisingly the first links will lead you to the Corporate Social Responsibility webpage of BP, which will shock you even more. You can find different articles on how BP is dealing with their responsibility in general, but you cannot find something about most current and important issue- the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

It somehow shows the denial of the dimension of this issue. And do they also not want to admit that they are responsible for this disaster?

It is very obvious that BP is responsible for the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. They are now trying to point the responsibility to somebody else and therefore tries to shift the blame onto Transocean, the rig owner. An article by the Wall Street Journal U.S. states: “In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, two BP executives who declined to be publicly identified claimed that Transocean’s own documents specify that its workers aboard the Deepwater Horizon rig were in charge of operations and monitoring the oil well.“

Obviously BP and Transocean are discussing about who is in charge of providing money for the clean up in the Gulf of Mexico. BP is arguing that employees of Transocean were in charge of controlling the rig and therefore the company is in charge for the disaster. At least „regardless of who is ultimately deemed responsible for the accident, BP acknowledges it is responsible for stopping the spill.“

If you would like to find out a bit more about this topic of who is responsible, please check out this interesting article by the “Wall Street Journal“.


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